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How Much Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants are considered the top of the line treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. No treatment option is closer to having your natural teeth.

For many patients, however, the cost may seem out of range. There are options for making dental implants more affordable, however!

Lets delve into the details of full mouth dental implants cost as we explore the expenses and affordable alternatives for achieving a complete and natural smile.

What is the average cost of full mouth dental implants?

The total cost of dental implants may vary widely. It depends on the patient and their individual needs. Other necessary procedures like sinus lift surgery or bone grafting may also add to the cost.

Single tooth dental implant cost

A single implant without the need for other procedures will probably run around $1500-$2500. The crown that is needed to go on top of the implant can cost from $1000-$3000, depending on the type needed.

A fixed bridge across multiple implants can be expensive. You need to know how many implants are needed and how many teeth will be replaced. Add those to get the total cost.

Sometimes further procedures are needed to prepare the bone for the implant. Those come with costs of their own that must be added in.

If you are simply replacing a single tooth, an implant makes a lot of sense. The cost of a single implant and a crown is roughly the same cost as doing a three-crown bridge.

With a bridge, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are ground down. This makes room for a crown on each with a fake tooth connected between them. So a minimum of three crowns is needed to replace one tooth. Two potentially healthy teeth are cut down in the process.

Single implant Cost
Implant placement $1,500-$2,500
Dental crown $1,000-$3,000

Cost of full mouth dental implants

As you can see, replacing a full mouth of teeth with individual implants could be very expensive. Fortunately, that is rarely necessary. There are procedures that can replace an entire arch (top or bottom) of teeth with only 4-6 implants.

If you’re looking to replace your full arch with dental implants, you have a few options.

  • Implant-supported dentures (AKA snap-on dentures): very stable option, you remove them at night in order to soak them while you sleep. Total cost for a top and bottom denture can be $12,000-$25,000.
  • AO4: permanently attaches a fixed bridge over 4 implants, giving you a very natural look. This is called All-On-4 and is a big improvement over implant supported dentures. Total cost is between $50,000-$100,000 for a full mouth.
  • G4 Dental Implant Solution: a more economical alternative and performed exclusively at Golpa Implant Centers. Total price for implants and restorations at a Golpa center may be as little as $11,700 per arch with Medicare (or $23,400 for top and bottom). Those without insurance can expect full mouth costs to begin at $36,500 and go to as much as $52,500 for the most complex cases.
Type of restoration Cost
Implant-supported dentures $12,000-$25,000
G4 by Mike Golpa $36,500 (with Medicare price starts at $13,750)

The big advantage of G4 implants by Golpa is that replacement of teeth, start to finish, can happen in just one day (one 24 hour period).

Does insurance cover full mouth dental implants?

Some dental insurances help pay for implants, but most do not. The majority of dental insurances only pay towards the least expensive option, which in this case would be extractions and conventional dentures.

It is doubtful that even this least expensive option would be completely covered. Dentures fall into a category that insurers call “major”. Major procedures are ordinarily covered at 50%, and only up to the yearly maximum payout amount.

In most dental insurances, that yearly maximum is only $1000-$2000. You’ll probably max that out quickly and the rest will be out of pocket.

Medical insurance can often be used if dental health conditions might be affecting overall health. As mentioned above, filing on Medicare may help bring the cost of treatment down by over $6,000!

Medicare will only pay on procedures that they deem medically necessary, however. Tooth extractions may be medically necessary, but unfortunately, replacing teeth is not seen as a necessity.

What are my payment options for full mouth dental implants?

Few people can sit down and simply write a check for a procedure like the ones we have been discussing. Cash discounts often apply if you can, but for everyone else, there are payment arrangements available.

Golpa Implant Centers offers short term in-house financing and longer term financing through third-party lenders. For those that qualify, these lenders offer no-interest loans and extended payment terms with lower payments.

GreenSky Patient Solutions

GreenSky Patient Solutions and Lending Club are both companies that work with you to find an affordable monthly payment amount.


Healthcare Savings Accounts are a great way to pay for your treatment. They are usually tax-free when used towards a qualifying medical expense. You should always check with your tax advisor to make sure the treatment you will be receiving will qualify.

If funds are used towards a non-qualifying treatment, you could be taxed at your income level plus a 20% penalty if you are under age 65.


Many patients use Individual Retirement Account funds to pay for care. Normally, taking money from an IRA before turning 59 is not recommended due to the 10 percent withdrawal penalty.

The exception is if you have medical expenses for the year that would be deductible if you itemize your deductions. In this case, you can exempt that portion of the early IRA distribution from the penalty.

Are full mouth dental implants worth the money?

Some patients wonder why full mouth dental implants cost as much as they do. Surely those little bits of metal don’t cost that much, right?

Honestly, you’re right.

The cost covers so much more than just the implants, however. Included in the prices above are x-rays, consultations, surgical procedures, medications, the implants, custom milled titanium frameworks, hand-crafted dental bridges, and more.

Treatment is performed by a doctor that has trained for decades to be able to do what they do, assisted by a team of knowledgeable staff.

The restorations are created overnight while you sleep by a team of laboratory technicians using state of the art equipment and materials. The amount of knowledge, technology, and skill that it takes to do all that is amazing.

But it is a lot of money. And it’s completely normal to think that way: It’s a big investment. That’s the truth of it, though. But:

It’s an investment in yourself!

In your future. In your ability to chew and eat and talk and smile.

Being able to smile confidently has amazing benefits for your mental health. And having teeth and being able to properly chew may add as much as a decade to your life. How much is that worth to you?

If you are ready to invest in your health, or even if you just want to learn more, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss if the G4 Implant Solution is right for you.

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