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How much do dental implants cost?

Similar to a knee or hip replacement, the G4 Implant Solution is a medical procedure that has the ability to greatly improve your life in countless ways. Your new teeth become part of you. You get your bite back. You get to enjoy eating again and your smile is sure to light up a room! That’s why so many people believe this is well worth the investment. And honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

Compare For Yourself
The G4 Implant Solution vs. Other Options

Snap-In Dentures

Removable dentures, 40-50% chewing ability
Going through the whole process usually takes 6-12 months
Patient needs to visit multiple specialists at different offices
Higher risk of failure, due to lower-quality materials
Need to be removed each night, require special care and maintenance
$12,000 – $40,000

G4 Implant Solution

Permanently secured, 90% chewing ability
Fully restored smile with permanent bridge in 24 HOURS
Entire process completed at ONE location
Experienced dentists specializing in G4 implants
Permanent teeth that you can brush and care for like natural ones
*from $21,500

Traditional Ao4

Very stable after going through the whole process
Typically 1-2 year process, including sinus lifts and bone grafting
Often requires several visits to several locations
Increased risk of complications and implant failure
Due to the long waiting period, wearing temporary teeth is needed
$49,000 – $120,000


When researching your options, it’s smart to consider factors beyond just the cost. Look at the provider’s experience and expertise. Ask about the technology and facility—is everything state of the art? How soon will you have your permanent, fully functioning teeth? And most importantly, hear from real people who went through the procedure. We know our patients speak to the true power of G4 by Golpa in ways we never could.


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G4 Financing Options

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Additional Resources

We realize that even though we offer this procedure at costs well below the national average, it is still cost prohibitive to some. We’d be happy to discuss financing options with you. You can also read more about cost in our FAQ section. And be sure to sign up to receive helpful news and updates from G4.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

Some dental insurances help pay for implants, but most do not. The majority of dental insurances only pay towards the least expensive option and only up to the yearly maximum payout amount.

In most dental insurances, that yearly maximum is only $1,000-$2,000. You’ll probably max that out quickly, and the rest will be out of pocket.

We are not contracted with any Dental Insurance companies, but we can provide the paperwork needed to submit your own claim.

While we offer this procedure at costs below the national average, we understand that it may still be cost prohibitive to some.

If you need help getting dental care for yourself or a family member, this is a great resource.

If you’re thinking about implants, weighing your options, let me tell you—this is it. My teeth were completely fixed in 24 hours.
— Kevin

Do Your Research, Make An Informed Choice

There are a lot of scams in the dental market. Some dental offices may try to fool you, offering cheap, low-quality dentures instead of true Ao4. Remember, in the US, the average cost for the All-on-4 dental implant procedure is $59,000 for a full-mouth restoration, which consists of restoring both the maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) arches.

Take your time and do detailed research. It determines your new smile, a new life.

Snap-in dentures aren’t the same as All-on-4

Many practices incorrectly name snap-in dentures, implant-supported dentures, or even mini-implants as the All-on-4 dental implants, but beware: these are totally different procedures.

When it comes to G4 by Mike Golpa, it is a well-improved version of Ao4, with new permanent teeth done in ONE day with high-quality materials.

Hidden fees

Some providers may charge a separate fee for different phases of the procedure: consultation and diagnosis, surgery, and yet another fee for the restorations. You may also be charged “hidden” incidental fees, based on your particular situation. Be sure the price you’re quoted is for the COMPLETE procedure.

G4 by Mike Golpa has a transparent cost policy with no hidden fees. For full mouth restoration, you will pay $33,500—much less than traditional All-on-4.


Treatment in foreign countries

In foreign countries, the costs for the All-on-4 implant procedure itself averages $25,000, but there are added expenses and risks involved. When you travel outside of the United States, you are subject to that country’s laws, standards, and regulations—or lack of. Receiving any refund or corrective treatment will be nearly impossible.

Here at G4 Implant Centers, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. You don’t even have to worry about accommodation and ground transportation to and from the hotel. We will take care of it.


Materials used make a difference

The materials used in your implant procedure also vary. 99.9% of facilities in the world will make an acrylic denture that you will wear for months or even years. What makes a restoration “permanent” is that it must contain a metal substructure, usually made of titanium, or a monolithic material, such as zirconia.

If you are in a facility without this milling technology, you will be receiving acrylic/denture teeth restorations and possibly one of the “final” restorations months or years later. This is why costs vary; it has to do with the capabilities of the facility, the costs for outside lab work, multiple visits, and experience.

In our surgical centers, we have all you need: the best quality materials, proven technologies, and experienced specialists. Give them a try.


Understand the cost of G4 Implant Solution

The G4 cost covers so much more than just the implants. Included in the prices above are x-rays, consultations, surgical procedures, medications, the implants, custom-milled titanium frameworks, hand-crafted dental bridges, and more.

Treatment is performed by a doctor who has trained for decades to be able to do what they do, assisted by a team of knowledgeable staff. The restorations are created overnight while you sleep, done by a team of laboratory technicians using state-of-the-art equipment and materials. The amount of knowledge, technology, and skill that it takes to do all that is amazing.

It’s completely normal to think this way. It’s a big investment. That’s the truth of it, though. However, it is a great opportunity to:

Invest in yourself!

In your future. In your ability to chew and eat and talk and smile.

Being able to smile confidently has amazing benefits for your mental health, and having teeth and being able to properly chew may add as much as a decade to your life. How much is that worth to you?

If you are ready to invest in your health, or even if you just want to learn more, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss whether the G4 Implant Solution is right for you.

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*A majority of patients qualify for same-day implants and can have their initial workup and procedure in one day without additional procedures such as sinus lifts and bone grafting, then have their final prostheses delivered within 24 hours after surgery. In rare cases deemed to be complex, involving severe bone loss, sinus lifts and bone grafting, the initial workup and all procedures are still performed in one day, but patients may leave with a provisional prostheses and the final prostheses to be placed later.

Prospective patients are evaluated by Golpa Dental Enterprises with a patient history and physical exam prior to any services performed. Not all prospective patients are good candidates for this procedure. When a patient is found not to be a good candidate for the procedure, no treatment is offered or rendered. Results of individual treatments may vary.

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