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G4 High-Class® Hybrid Bridges

G4 High-Class® Restoration Options

Dental implant treatment is all we do—and that’s exactly why we do it so well. Dr. Golpa and his associates have performed this procedure more than 15,000 times. What’s more, through Dr. Golpa’s groundbreaking vision, we are the only provider that combines the latest digital technology with advanced milling machines to perfectly customize your smile in the most precise, and efficient way possible.

Our Master Lab Technicians have hand-crafted well over 20,000 Hybrid-Bridges over the last decade, and that experience produces superior results, all manufactured in our in-house state-of-the-art facilities.

G4 High-Class® PMMA/Titanium

High Translucent PMMA – Filler & fiber free Organic Modified Polymer-Network. Regarded as the strongest, most dense, and tissue-friendly composite material on the market. Abrasion, plaque, and stain resistant.
A titanium bar is a substructure that is used for reinforcement of the bridge. It is what makes your restoration permanent and gives it the strength to enjoy the foods you love.

G4 High-Class® Nano-Ceramic/Trilor

Our High-Class Nanoceramic Bridges are 60% lighter than traditional Zirconia arches. Beautiful, strong, and functional. G4 Nanoceramic is an excellent option because it has a shock absorbent quality that replicates natural teeth’s sound and feel. Trilor Framework is super-strong resin that flexes and bends under stress, transferring less energy to the implants.

Nano-Ceramic is Dr. Golpa recommended

25 years of Real-Life Dental Implant experience and tens of thousands of bridges manufactured!

Nano Ceramic – Patient Testimonial

Real Patients- Real Results!

G4 High-Class® PMMA/Titanium

Cost :
from $33,500/Full-Mouth
*Ceramic required for single arch
Timeframe: 24 Hours

G4 High-Class® Nanoceramic/Trilor

from $21,500/arch*
from $39,500/Full-Mouth
Timeframe: 24 Hours
I’m loving my new teeth. It’s the greatest investment I have ever made in myself.
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