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G4 By Golpa
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Coming from a small town in those backwoods of southeast Georgia we learned to make due with what God blessed us with. I decided to take a chance and step out on faith to invested in myself. The G4 solution by Golpa was a goal I had in mind 2yrs before I had the procedure done. We create our own destiny and I'm just now getting warmed up. I will spread the word about the G4 solution from now until my time here on this earth in the physical form comes to an end. But I'm planting my spirit will never die. Thank you Dr. Golpa and to all other Doctors and staff affiliated with G4 BY all are the real MVP's😁😁😁
Incredible staff, well educated on procedures! Amazing results! Recommend 100%.
Professional, friendly and state of the art lab on site. Looking forward to my procedure August 7th and 8th 2019 !
It's amazing to see the transformation that takes place in patient testimonials. Also they care deeply about the public being able to improve not only their self-image but health as well; so much so they're giving away 12 procedures during the next year. I can't think of any other dentist that would do that.
G4 by Golpa in Dallas, Texas has a very friendly professional staff. My new smile is incredible. The benefits are life changing ! I highly recommend the team that gave me my confidence back. Better health, better life all around !
In today's day and age of worthless warranties these people stand behind their work 110% !
Watching videos of the contest that I entered in and I went through and watched amazing sad stories and I wanted to personally let you know how amazing my heart feels that your doing this for people!! Hearing stories of people saying they haven’t smiled in years no one should have to hide a smile but sadly it happens, you guys are truly amazing thank you for the opportunity you are giving millions of people
Top notch care and fantastic dentist. This is world class.
The integrity and honesty of the people at the Dallas office continues to impress. Everything they told me has proven true. I have never dealt with such a committed group of people. They all worked to make me comfortable and happy with my decision to go to Texas from NYC.
I did a ton of research. I liked what I saw from the Dallas office. Once there it confirmed everything I thought. Thank you guys for the special care.
They stand behind their implants and bridges
Highly qualified doctors and qualified staff and everyone are very friendly,personable and caring.
Everyone is professional and caring with very good results!
They take great care of their patients & families. wonderful experience!
Amazing amazing amazing. G4 by Golpa has changed my life for the better 100%! And at half the cost of others like ClearChoice. I cannot express how pleased I am. I’m about 3 weeks post op and continue to smile. Pain wise it wayyyyyyy less then I expected and super manageable with ibuprofen and some ice. If you are a candidate, do it. You won’t regret it! All the staff is amazing - super knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you guys so much!!
I have had facial pain since I was 14 y.o. After 7 surgeries including total TMJ joint replacements, I was still on so much pain medication that I could barely function. I’m a nurse and hadn’t worked in 10 years. I had “G4 teeth “ surgery in February 2019. By October 2019 I was off all pain medication.... and I returned to work in May 2020. I cannot express the difference that this process has made in my life and in the life of my family. I can tell you that another system would not have been as successful. I got a stable bite the day after surgery. The surgery wasn’t easy but everyone was so supportive...kind and understanding. I can’t say enough... well I could but you probably don’t want to read it all ! Lol... do your research... not only did I save money with this process... but it’s such a better product. They made some changes and I got the new improved version... though I was a bit reluctant! These teeth are beautiful... it’s a shame I have to cover them with a mask! 😷
I had completely worn out teeth, not rotten just worn out from grinding them which meant my jaw bones were thick and dense from that grinding! I found G4 by Golpa on the internet and watched some videos, I called and got Gina on the phone at the Dallas clinic, she was so sweet and professional! I already felt good about it so I traveled two days later for consult. I felt completely at ease when I walked in the door, I met the whole staff as well as Dr. Anderson and Dr. Kelsey whom did my surgery. A month later after physician clearance (I’m 49) I had my surgery on Monday morning and received my bridges at 1:00 the next day! What a happy day!!! I didn’t have much pain and only took ibuprofen. I would recommend G4 by Golpa to anyone! I’m extremely pleased with the outcome as well as procedure. These folks have it down in Dallas Texas! I catch myself looking in the mirror a whole lot and my self esteem as never been better! Thanks Dr Golpa and Dr Kelsey for my new 😀
It’s been the real life changing experience! I’ve had a surgery last Tuesday, new teeth put on next day - they are PERMANENT, look and feel SO natural 😬 I was amazed by professionalism of each member of Golpa’s team, starting from Dr. Golpa himself - very humble, despite being such a famous inventor of the unique G4 technology, to ladies working in patient services: Amanda+Amanda and Lauren, to talented surgeons Dr. T and Anna, techs Jesus and Yessa and Bruno. They all made me feel welcomed and very comfortable!
The best there is! Do your research and you will find nothing else that compares. The doctors and their staff are the most professional and caring. Plus the exclusive technology that they have at their fingertips. 4 months post implants and just had my first checkup and cleaning. Everything is perfect, the bone grafts have taken and I can eat anything I want! No pain or problems at all. So very glad I had this done.
Save yourself the trouble come here first get to your teeth done correctly !!!
Yes I definitely recommend dr. golpa in Las Vegas.
Just went in for my consultation! Most through and professional consultation yet. This was my 3rd one.
I had waited for years to be able to fix my teeth, and in that time explored every possible solution but I kept coming back to wanting to go to Golpa. I am so glad that I didn’t compromise! I really feel like they are the best, and I LOVE my new smile!
Excellent work , state of the art facilities and technology... skillful doctors and professional staffs... nothing to complain about except the cost but it’s not cheaper somewhere else where you might get substandard care and service
It’s been the real life changing experience! I’ve had a surgery in early January, new teeth put on next day - they are PERMANENT, look and feel SO natural 😬 I was amazed by professionalism of each member of Golpa’s team, starting from Dr. Golpa himself - very humble, despite being such a famous inventor of the unique G4 technology, to ladies working in patient services: Amanda+Amanda and Lauren, to talented surgeons Dr. T and Anna, techs Jesus and Yessa and Bruno. They all made me feel welcomed and very comfortable!
I had my surgery last Tuesday 5/11/21, with this phenomenal human beings. They’re my super heroes, they’re going to bring back my life and have my great smile restored. The front office look very chic, pleasant, clean and welcoming. Everybody were exceptionally friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I feel safe the whole time I was there. I felt their , compassion, integrity and most importantly they really care. For me, those are the most fundamental core values, every business should have. Not just, all about money but the true happiness of their clients and they value them as human beings, not just a number. I look forward, to be reunited to my happy bright smile face, in December. It’s going to be a great Christmas gift from hubby powered by Golpa/Dallas A- Team. No doubt, they will make me happy with my new smile. PS: Too many beautiful people to mention but especial thanks to Gina (great leadership), Dr Kelsey, Dr Anderson, Dr John and Amir! 🥰
was really afraid with the pain which I thought was going to occur. got the procedure happily almost pain free. plus on return visit, it was a flawless experience. just happy to be able to eat pain free. thx golpa.
this was a great experience! the team there did a wonderful job and is highly recommended them to anyone!
Just got home yesterday from Tysons Corners, Virginia. My teeth look and feel amazing. Very little swelling and minimal to no pain.
I researched dental implants for months. I decided on G4 by Dr. Golpa because of the great reviews and the testimonials. From the very first phone conversation to the day I arrived to the office, the staff were amazing. So kind and helpful.
I am an ER Nurse so I wanted details and answers. They answered all my "OCD" questions honestly and with sincere kindness. Everyone I spoke with was just so kind and compassionate.
I arrived at the office on Thursday morning and to my great surprise, Dr. Golpa just happened to be in VA that day. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity.
I literally discussed and designed my own teeth.
The next day, I went to have the bridges placed and I literally cried. They look and feel great.
This is life-changing. I have already been out shopping (2 days post-op) and Im conversing with everyone I meet. 3 days ago I hid my smile through a mask.
I paid more for my car than I did to have my life back again. Thank you team Golpa.
Pain free, very professional, best decision I have made
My Golpa Smile
What is a person who has a strong anxiety of dentist doing looking up someone who does implants? My teeth has always had problems, cavities, crowns, and root canals. It’s just been recently that I had a tooth that needed to be extracted, besides receding gums and abscesses. I knew sooner or later I would have to get dentures, hence my search for implants. I heard about G4 by Golpa from a Facebook group. The more I search, the more intrigued I was with them. From the start with a phone consult until the end, a new smile, I felt so comfortable. The staff makes you feel as family and Dr. T was wonderful. I was shocked as I was never nervous or scared, which has never happened in a dental office. Having 32 teeth extracted was the calmest experience I have ever had. I can’t explain it yet I was so at peace. I was shocked with how much details went into measuring and creating my teeth. The amount I was charged is WELL worth it. I heard from others of all the trouble, pain and months to years before they can have their permanent teeth. With Golpa, there was NO pain at all, none. Plus you get your permanent teeth within 24 hours. If you need a new smile I don’t know why you would not go to where they specialize in their trade of making great smiles. They seem to good to be true, yet they are not just good, they are great. I can’t say enough about Golpa and how they changed my life for the better. Thank you Dr. Golpa, Dr. T and staff in Vegas, you guys are truly the best. You are more than welcome to follow my Golpa Smile journey from start to present here:
very professional and caring!
I highly recommend!
I cannot say enough about the professionalism, care, and attention to detail of the folks at the Tysons Corner, VA office. Having spent many months seeing the experiences of others, I knew this was something I needed to do.

Everyone I encountered at this office showed me a level of compassion and care that cannot be matched. Dentist offices can be a source of anxiety for many, but from the moment I stepped into my consult with Dr. Golpa to the day Mackenzie delivered my bridges, I was always in capable hands. Brandi, Elisa and Ever answer any questions you may have about billing or pain management, and even arranged for an Uber to pick me up the day of my surgery.

There may be other, possibly cheaper, more local options for a treatment similar to the G4 procedure, but you will not find a more specialized, efficient group than this one. I am thankful for discovering them.
I wish I new about them sooner. The best place I have ever been to. Every staff member works together to make you have the best experience ever!!!! I can’t stop telling everyone about it!! I love my new G4 Smile!!!
Hi …
Where is your office place and the address
The care I received at G4 Golpa Tysons Corner VA was comparable to my stay at John's Hopkins when I had heart surgery 4yrs ago. The staff is AMAZING. Not only are they happy to welcome you and reassure you about the process - the level of attention they give each of your concerns is without question unparalleled. Dr Fadi took pictures with me after I received my teeth and Arlex my dental architect did the same. Both wete extremely proud of their work -- which despite my numbness -- made me smile even bigger!! Thank you for each and every smile I have for the rest of my life. - Shelley
Dr Anderson and staff at Dallas office are very professional and make you feel special and want you to be happy with your teeth! My teeth changed my life felt more energetic and positive about myself and loved smiling! I highly recommend Golpa Dental Center!
Best staff ever! They know how to treat patients the best. Highly recommended
Dallas team has been great to work with. I was a rare case as far as having overwhelming swelling and bruising. But this was no fault to them, this was only my body with being on blood thinner for 15 years. I did have a new set after 5 months because of having more gums showing which I originally was not like that but with all the swelling I had, you couldn’t tell until everything had healed. Dr Anderson and his team was awesome redoing my teeth and making them to the perfection I wanted. No extra charge on this because they want to make sure everyone is happy. Best decision I have made and forever grateful!
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Awesome experience. Going on 2 years,and in very pleased with the product. Great staff, wish they would open a branch in the Chicago area.
Best thing I could of done. love them. just had to get little adjustments. but that's to be expected. we are all different. love the whole crew at G4 Golpa Dallas!!!!
all super nice.
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Assistant Amanda and the whole staff were great . Was worried about the pain but it was crazy after all teeth removed and posts put in I only took 4 Tylenol . Next day they put them in and made some adjustments. Process was so easy. Thanks to everyone who dealt with me .
Everyone has been professional. My experience has been awesome with the Golpa Dental implant center.
I have been with Golpa since before the Dallas office was opened. Friendliest people ever. From the front offices to the techs and dentists in the back. Never have I ever felt rushed or that there attention was elsewhere.
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The best thing I have ever done, by the best dental team I’ve ever met!
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I couldn’t be more pleased with my ENTIRE experience with the G4 Tysons VA team! Their whole team including Dr Golpa and Dr Faudi are incredible and super compassionate! My before and after photos speak better than any words ever could. I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to have such a LIFE CHANGING experience with the VA team!! ❤️
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I have had teeth issues all my life. Going into this appointment my stress levels were threw the roof! However, the G4 team is wonderful. As a patient you are treated with respect, and kindness. They helped me relax and answered all my questions.
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I can’t say enough good about the VA office! I absolutely LOVE everybody in there! My experience with them has been phenomenal and I absolutely Love my smile 😀
After a major surgery and dental lab work at G4 by Golpa, I gave myself two weeks to see how my new set of bridges functions. And it is flawless, simply PERFECT in both aesthetics and function. That is why I consider myself very lucky to have met Dr. Anderson who helped me with advice and performed a number of procedures over the course of several years. This time, I believe the instructions he provided to the lab after the surgery were absolutely instrumental in abandoning deficiencies of the previous bridge design (manufactured by another lab) and delivering the final quality product. And Patrick who is in charge of the lab did an amazing job; his lab is the best! I am grateful to everybody at G4 By Golpa - Gina and Matt handled documentation and scheduling with all due diligence, I then was treated, with precision, at the hands of Barbara and Calli who have perfected techniques of working with their dental tools. In a brief adjustment procedure, I met Dr. Kelsey – a pleasant and informative encounter. And there were more friendly faces and professional help … what a great office to commit to when you need the new teeth that help you be at your best in the modern world. As Dr. Anderson once remarked to me: “this is what we do here”, and I can totally testify to that.
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Dr. Golpa has perfected something that has changed the lives of thousands, including me. I will forever spread the word about G4.
— Terrence

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