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If you’re seeking the most experienced dental implant professionals to bring your smile back to life, look no further than G4 by Golpa Dr. Golpa and his staff perform more full-mouth restorations in one month than most providers will perform in their lifetime. The knowledge and skill that come from this kind of experience simply cannot be equaled. This is all we do, for more than a decade!

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Get to know The G4 Implant Team

Our team is an elite group of dentists hand picked by Dr. Golpa because of their innate talents in both the placement and restoration of dental implants. Through extensive training in the G4 protocols, Dr. Golpa strives to ensure every single procedure performed at the G4 centers is nothing less than absolute perfection.

Mike Golpa
Mike Golpa, DDS
G4 Innovator

Dr. Golpa was among the first dentists in the U.S. to embrace the All-on-4® dental implant treatment concept more than a decade ago. After routinely performing every aspect of the procedure (planning, placement and delivery) thousands of times, Dr. Golpa and his team have improved and perfected it.

Dr. Golpa is considered the top All-on-4 Dentist in the World, by his peers.

Dr. Golpa has developed the highest level of technology and expertise for more than 2 decades. Today, the G4 Implant Solution delivers the final or permanent bridge with a titanium framework in just one day. And the G4 by Golpa Implant Centers are the only facilities in the world that exclusively perform the G4 Implant Procedure. Dr. Golpa always puts patient support and care first, and strives to provide life-changing results for every patient.

Arshid Torkaman
Arshid Torkaman, DDS
Las Vegas

Dr. Torkaman earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from USC School of Dentistry in 1995 and is a Fellow of the California Implant Institute. For over two decades, Dr. Torkaman has been a very successful cosmetic dentist and is highly skilled in all areas of dentistry.

Now part of the G4 team, Dr. Torkaman uses advanced implant technology and techniques to build the foundation for his patients’ permanent new smiles. Having the innovation to complete the surgeries in such an efficient and effective manner is Dr. Torkaman’s favorite aspect of working at the G4 by Golpa center.

Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson, DDS

Dr. Anderson earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston and has been practicing implant dentistry for the last five years. Dr. Anderson began training with Dr. Golpa in early 2016, and has been exclusively focused on surgical procedures and IV sedation ever since.

He believes restoring dental health with such efficiency has incredible human reward — and he loves being able to give people their lives back with a maintenance free, long-term prosthetic solution. Dr. Anderson is also a strong believer in creating a trusting environment for patients to be rehabilitated and healed.

Anna Shagharyan
Anna Shagharyan, DMD
Las Vegas

Dr. Shagharyan graduated from UNLV School of Dental Medicine in 2015. She continued her education and honed her skills by completing the American Academy of Implant Dentistry MaxiCourse, one of the most respected and comprehensive training programs in implant dentistry.

One of her favorite aspects of treating patients at G4 is the gratification she gets from being able to change someone’s life so completely in just 24 hours. Dr. Shagharyan is committed to delivering the highest quality treatment to her patients in a comfortable and caring environment.

Andrew P. Kelsey
Andrew P. Kelsey, DDS

Dr. Kelsey graduated with honors from Baylor University in Biochemistry, and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Dentistry in 2013. Over the last several years, he has specialized in Oral Surgery and Implantology.

Throughout his childhood, Dr. Kelsey experienced many of the same challenges his patients face and relates to them on a very personal level. He believes that truly understanding what motivates each person he treats leads to the best outcomes.

Fadi Alhrashi
Fadi Alhrashi, DDS

Dr. Alhrashi has nearly two decades of advanced dental implant training and experience, which allows him to offer his patients a superior dental experience and an unparalleled level of quality care. Dr. Alhrashi completed three years of postgraduate studies, including an Advanced General Dentistry residency at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health in Rochester, New York, and a Dental Implant Fellowship at Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston. Dr. Alhrashi received the prestigious Handelman Award of Excellence from the Eastman Institute. This is a rare achievement, as it is awarded only when an exceptional candidate has distinguished him or herself with excellent clinical skills, leadership, initiative, ethics, and communication skills.

Dr. Alhrashi is Board Certified, and he is 1 of 496 Dentists in the United States and around the world who have been credentialed with Diplomate status in the field of Implant Dentistry through the American Board of Oral Implantology (ABOI).

Shima Mohseni
Shima Mohseni, DDS

Dr. Shima Mohseni spent her undergrad years studying Biology at George Mason University before continuing on to earn her doctorate at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. As a dedicated, lifelong learner, she is always looking to take additional courses to further her knowledge. She has taken in-depth courses in esthetic dentistry, dental implants, and oral surgery, among many others. Committed to providing quality, patient-centered dental care to all patients, Dr. Mohseni says, “one of my favorite parts about being a dentist is connecting with a patient on a personal level and helping them make the best decision for their oral health.”

Dr. Golpa and his team are true perfectionists in every way. You have to see it to believe it.

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We’re always looking for the right partners to help us bring more healthy smiles to more people all over the world. G4 by Golpa Precision Implant Dentistry is recognized as a leader in digital implant dentistry, with more than two decades of experience, innovation, and proven results.

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