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Based on your answers we need a little more information.

You may have complexities and/or health issues that we need to address.

For health related issues, we just need to confirm that you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure, and that the results will last.

In the case of complexities due to severe bone loss, soft bone, etc., there may be additional fees. The average fees for complex cases is between $36,500 – $42,500, but in extremely rare and complex cases could be higher.

Remember our goal is to provide you with an outcome that can last a lifetime. We realize you are making a major investment in not only your health, but your overall well-being. That is why we will do what is necessary to ensure long term results, not short-term fixes.

*All fees estimated by G4 By Golpa Staff are estimates.

Your fees may vary based on a complete oral exam and health history review by the G4 By Golpa Doctors.

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