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G4 by Golpa, The Best Dental Implants in Las Vegas

Discover a transformative dental experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our dedicated doctors daily restore smiles, enhancing lives beyond beauty. We prioritize your safety and confidence, ensuring your expectations are not just met but exceeded. G4 by Golpa team offers exceptional dental care.

Real patients, real stories

I had trepidation but to have these perfect teeth from this team is a blessing.
— Joe Gannascoli

Meet the Las Vegas G4 Implant Team

Dr. Golpa and his team excel at completing more full-mouth restorations in a month than most dental clinics achieve in a lifetime. The results that we usually deliver exemplify our unparalleled level of expertise in dental implant in Las Vegas and other oral treatment. We handle intricate procedures daily, so you can rely on us for consistent and exceptional outcomes.

Dr. Arshid Torkaman

G4 By Golpa – Las Vegas

Dr. Anna Shagharyan

G4 By Golpa – Las Vegas

Transforming Lives by Improving Oral Health

Right from the moment you contact G4 by Golpa, we strive to ensure your experience with us is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We’ll keep you fully informed about every step of the procedure to enhance your care. Check out our reviews on Facebook for more insights.


Affordable All On Four Dental Implants Solution in Las Vegas

What is the total cost? From consultations, X-rays, and surgical procedures to medication, implants, titanium frameworks, and handcrafted dental bridges, everything is covered in the price listed below. Please remember that these prices are not final; they are only estimated. You can refer to our disclosure statement for further details.

G4 by Golpa Dental Implant Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

We have a state-of-the-art facility for dental implants in Las Vegas. If you want to get a beautiful new smile, our dentists are ready, and we are just a call away.

G4 By Golpa
6420 Medical Center St #101
Las Vegas, NV 89148

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(702) 641-7111

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