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Our G4 Ultra Zirconia Bridges are best for you!

Our G4 Ultra Zirconia® bridges are warrantied for 7 years. This material is recommended for the majority of patients, and may be required for some patients with heavy and/or strong biting forces.

You will leave with fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing, permanent teeth from your first visit!

You will be able to enjoy the foods you love, laugh, smile, and get your life back!

*Your estimated costs for the procedure are $36,500 – $39,500

*All fees estimated by G4 By Golpa Staff are estimates. Your fees may vary based on a complete oral exam and health history review by the G4 By Golpa Doctors.

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Dr. Golpa has perfected something that has changed the lives of thousands, including me. I will forever spread the word about G4.
— Terrence

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