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San Francisco- Based Dr. Mike M. Chen, DMD,DICOI is Latest To Join The G4 By Golpa Implant Solution Affiliate Network

A Leading Practitioner, Teacher and Lecturer, Dr. Chen Adds Proprietary G4 Implants Solution Diagnosis and Aftercare Services To His San Francisco Practice

SAN FRANCISCO (03/13/2019) – Dr. Mike Chen, DMD, DICOI, a leading dental practitioner based in Northern California, has become the newest prominent dentist to join the fast-growing G4 by Golpa Dental implants Solution national affiliates network.

Headquartered in San Jose, Dr. Chen is a renowned practitioner, overseeing dental care, diagnosis, treatment and procedures for nearly three decades. Recognized as among the most innovative dentists in California, Dr. Chen is a seasoned trainer and advisor to clinical professionals and students in implant dentistry and a noted authority on current principles, methods and procedures for the delivery of medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

The G4 by Golpa Implants Solution Affiliates Network provides consumers with access to the exclusive G4 Precision Implant Dentistry, perfected by renowned dentist Dr. Mike Golpa ( after years – and over 15,000 dental implant surgeries. G4 network dental affiliates receive advanced training by Dr. Golpa in the diagnosis and aftercare of the G4 Implant Solution. Patients have the convenience of accessing a local dentist within the G4 affiliates network to arrange for the exclusive G4 dental implant procedure and receive comprehensive after-treatment care.

“Dr. Golpa has developed a truly state-of-the-art, superior procedure in the ever-growing area of dental implants. As an implants practitioner, I am excited to become part of the G4 network and bring this remarkable implants solution to patients throughout Northern California,” said Dr. Chen.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Mike Chen to the G4 Implants Solution affiliates network. Dr. Chen is a passionate advocate for best practices in dental care and is highly regarded by patients for his steadfast commitment to proactive dental hygiene, self-care and maintenance. An organization is best defined by the company it keeps – and having Dr. Chen as a member of G4 underscores the innovativeness and effectiveness of our Implants Solution,” said Dr. Golpa.

About the G4 by Golpa Implant Solution Affiliates Network:
Dr. Mike Golpa’s G4 Implant Solution is practiced in regions across the US by top dentists fully trained in the G4 implant procedure. Dr. Golpa’s G4 Implants Solution has ‘broken the mold’ in providing advanced dental implants technologies, introducing a treatment that delivers a permanent bridge with titanium framework in just one visit. The G4 Implants procedure encompasses proprietary all-digital protocols and next generation milling technologies developed by Dr. Golpa that are changing the implant dentistry landscape. In addition to the continuing expansion of G4 Implant Solutions surgery centers and growing number of dentists adopting the G4 technology, the popularity and proven effectiveness of Dr. Golpa’s procedure has resulted in the government’s approval to offer Medicare support for G4 dental implant patients

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