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Top National Dental Implants Surgery Centers G4 By Golpa Now Accepting Medicare

LAS VEGAS, NV 5/14/2019 – Leading national dental implants surgery centers G4 by Golpa has begun accepting Medicare for its state-of-the-art G4 by Golpa Implants Solution.

Medicare Plan B covers the Surgical Implantation portion of the procedure. CT scans, x-rays, implants, abutments, prosthetic, lab costs, reline, and aftercare, remains out-of-pocket costs. The Center recommends that the best ways in which patients can obtain an accurate estimation of the procedures and fees involved is to provide the G4 by Golpa Centers with a recent CT Scan or Panoramic X-ray from their regular dentist.

Established in 1965, Medicare is for people 65 and older and is open to anyone within the age parameters to help with their insurance needs. The government expanded the Medicare program in 1972 to include those under 65 suffering from permanent disabilities.

Patients can contact the G4 by Golpa flagship surgery center located in Las Vegas by calling toll-free 1-800-797-0406 to apply for the Golpa Center’s Medicare Assistance Program and be directed to the G4 by Golpa Affiliates Network dentist nearest them to begin the procedure.

“We are proud the announce that G4 by Golpa is now accepting Medicare, making our innovative and nationally recognized dental implants procedure accessible to more patients throughout the country,” said Dr. Mike Golpa, developer of the G4 by Golpa Implants Solution.

G4 by Golpa Implants Solution provides consumers with G4’s Precision Implant Dentistry, perfected by Dr. Mike Golpa (www.g4bygolpa.com) after years – and over 6,000 dental implant surgeries. Dr. Mike Golpa’s G4 Implant Solution is practiced in regions across the US by top dentists fully trained in the G4 implant procedure. Dr. Golpa’s G4 Implants Solution has ‘broken the mold’ in providing advanced dental implants technologies, introducing a treatment that delivers a permanent bridge with titanium framework in just one visit. The G4 Implants procedure encompasses proprietary all-digital protocols and next generation milling technologies developed by Dr. Golpa that are changing the cosmetic dentistry landscape.