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G4 Ultra Zirconia

Why are G4 Ultra Zirconia Bridges the clear choice in implant dentistry?

Compare for yourself…

G4 By Golpa Ultra Zirconia





High flexural strength of up to 1,200 MPa. 10 times stronger than other materials.

Higher translucency due to optimized micro-structure of the zirconia, and perfectly natural appearance

Resists stains and doesn’t absorb odors or attract plaque and bacteria.

Highly durable to eliminate wear from biting, chewing and talking.

Other Zirconia Bridges

No titanium reinforcement
Manufactured in outside lab
Interim temporary denture
8 -15 visits
3 – 5 year warranty
$50,000 – $75,000

G4 Ultra Zirconia Bridges

Titanium reinforced for strength
Manufactured entirely in-house
Permanent bridges from day one
3 Visits
7 Year Warranty
*from $36,500

Our G4 Ultra Zirconia® bridges are warrantied for 7 years. This material is recommended for the majority of patients, and may be required for some patients with heavy and/or strong biting forces. Because of the additional weight and rigidity of the appliances they require a 9-month implant integration period. Additionally, because of its characteristics not all patients may be a candidate for this material.

G4 Ultra Zirconia Bridges – Built to Last!

“I have had my zironia bridges for more than 6 years, and never had an issue”

I love my zirconia teeth. They are natural and Beautiful!
— Susan

Strength and Beauty!

Lifetime results in just three visits!

But you will leave with fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing, permanent teeth from your first visit!

You will be able to enjoy the foods you love, laugh, smile, and get your life back!

During your initial consultation your Doctor and Staff will evaluate your current bite, your CT Scan, your lifestyle, and your expectations and make the recommendation of materials.
Initial Delivery
You will receive your initial G4 Ultra PMMA bridge(s), you will “test drive” these bridge(s) while you are becoming accustomed to your new bite, the implants are integrating, and you are assessing aesthetics.
Six Month Follow-up
We will check the integrity of your implants, evaluate the fit of your bridge(s), make necessary adjustments, take impressions for your G4 Ultra Zirconia Bridge(s).
Nine Month Delivery
This visit your new G4 Ultra Zirconia Bridge(s) will be ready and waiting for you! We will place your new bridge(s) and you will have a restoration that can last a lifetime!