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G4 Clinical Study 2023

G4 By Golpa is seeking 100 Patients to participate in a clinical study to test the efficacy of a new printable prosthetic material called OnX


OnX is a nanoceramic hybrid class II 3D printing resin to produce prosthetic teeth. OnX features an optimal combination of translucency and opacity to mimic natural dentition. Industry-leading ceramic content provides superior aesthetics.

The prosthetics will be provisional and come with a one year warranty. These provisional teeth may need to be replaced yearly at a cost of $3,600, or upgraded to permanent teeth for either $18,000 (Nano Ceramic/Trilor) or $12,000 (PMMA/Titanium), one year following the initial implant placement procedure.

Participants will receive a $10,000 discount on the G4 implant placement procedure and the initial set of provisional teeth for free, for their participation in the study, lowering the initial surgical procedure and first set of provisional teeth to a total cost of
$24,500 (Full Mouth Procedure)


  • Participation in study ends January 15, 2024
  • Limited to 100 participants
  • Participants will be expected to report results to the clinic monthly, via survey.
  • Cost of initial implant placement procedure does not include any ancillary fees for complexity involving extreme bone loss, such as sinus lifts, bone grafting, or Zygomatic implants if needed.
  • Additional restrictions may apply.


Now I’m smiling, laughing, interacting with people again. I can be myself.
— Katie
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